Flabbergast! Reader's Guide

Welcome Readers! If you've landed on this page, you're probably wondering what's going on with Flabbergast! These questions below can help you out!

  • Why is the beginning of the comic missing from this website?
  • As of right now, I am currently in a "moving" phase with Flabbergast! The comic is being rennovated and converted to fit a more traditional page style format, rather than the "scroll format", which is what the comic originally began as. During this phase, I will be periodically remaking and updating older "episodes" to fit this page format. Once I finish an entire "episode", I will upload these pages to my website properly.

  • Where can I find/read the beginning of the comic?
  • As of right now, you can read the first parts of Flabbergast! on Webtoon. Tapas and GlobalComix are currently behind on these updates due to a UI error making it hard for me to upload properly there. (This will be fixed in the future.)

  • When will you finish revamping the older "episodes"?
  • This will be a long process as I will be jumbling between the current comic pages, my commissions and the comic rennovation. I am hoping to complete this within 2 years, if everything on my work schedule goes according to plan!

  • Do you still plan to upload on Webtoon/Tapas/GlobalComix?
  • Yep! I will be uploading monthly still with my new page style, converted to scroll format, specifically for these platforms. My episodes will be significantly shorter however, than the older episodes.

  • Do I have to read your comic via your website?
  • You don't! If you prefer using Webtoon/Tapas/GlobalComix, go right ahead! I will still update there monthly. But if you can't wait to see what happens next, you can read my comic via page format here on the site!

  • Where can I send my support for the creator(s) and the comic?
  • You can show your support in many ways! If you prefer using a platform, you can subscribe to the comic there, comment and like episodes to help put Flabbergast! in the spotlight. You can also share the comic on your favorite social media platforms, or retweet the creator's comic-related posts to help out! If you want to show monetary support, you can "Join the Crew" over on Patreon or Ko-fi! It's a $3 monthly subscription, which will get you early access to the comic pages, WIPs, PSDs and more! I also have a $6 tier available, if you want a monthly sticker sent to your home via USPS mail!