Flabbergast! is a young adult web comic series about a group of unlikely adventurers who all find themselves aboard a pirate ship known as "The Fall of Deceit." The four of them must learn to get along to survive the harsh seas and dangerous quests for glorious treasure!

Flabbergast! is scripted based off recordings of an actual ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign which the creator (Koy) plays in.

Content Warning: This comic contains mature and dark themes such as violence, abuse and death. Viewer discretion is advised.

About the Author(s)

About the Illustrator

| Koy Boi / K0yfish |

Comic Artist / Scriptwriter

Koy is the comic artist and script writer for Flabbergast. They play Silver in the Flabbergast! campaign. Their interests include, D&D, Reptiles, Animation and Illustration.


Game Master

Will is a turtle loving god who puts a lot of time into creating this campaign. Without him, Flabbergast would not exist!


| Iris |

Donny has helped with recording our current sessions and revising the script! Donny is a seasoned d&d Player


| Xanda |

Sheldon has been a huge help with revising the comic script to better fit our characters. Sheldon is a seasoned D&D player.


| Than |

Wayne, also known as Dalton is an awesome beta reader who has helped a lot with fixing errors in the comic itself! Wayne is fairly new to D&D!